Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just Hanging In March!!

Now that mommy is back at work I hang out with daddy during the day. I think that he is just the funniest person, I laugh at him ALL the time which makes mommy laugh too. I love to sit in my bumbo while daddy cooks dinner. I am learning all the secrets.

I am starting to really like the bath, as you can see I am growing a little bigger. I love splashing and kicking my feet and that gets mommy soaked (I'm cleaning her too). I am four months now, I weigh a whole 12 lbs. 11oz. My Dr. says I am very healthy and although I have had TWO colds now thanks to mommy, I am doing great!!

I am eating cereal and baby food now, Mommy and Daddy hope that it will help me gain some weight and help keep my spit-up to a minimum. I ate some peas and although I wasn't so sure at first, they are ok now I guess!!

Well I miss you all and hope to meet the rest of you all soon. Hope you enjoy seeing what I am up to...